Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Louise Wondered..........

Louise always wondered if she would be missed in the minds of those who knew her, after she was gone. She always knew a little something was missing, yet still she pushed for a little something more. Louise never I imagined that on that morning she would be gone. I still wonder where she was going in such a rush. I stood there and waited for help while I watched her body letting go of her soul.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


She managed to close her eyes, yet she couldn't stop seeing her. She was able to not fall sleep, yet she kept dreaming, she quiet down the voices but was still able to hear her, she stopped being but never stopped being there.

She was touched, she was hypnotized, she no longer cared, her will had be taken away, she was put under a spell.

She calmed her mind down, but wasn't able to calm her spirit, she was able to be sincere without having to stop lying, she stayed near by while still running away, she was able to change her life but she couldn't change herself.


I spent Christmas break in CA , and as much I didn't want to admit, the warm weather was a nice change, if 50 can be considered warm of course. I painted this tile in particular over six months ago but for some reason, this time I took my time before letting it go.

I left this Tegan somewhere in La Jolla, breathing in the dry cool air, overlooking a gorgeous sunset while listening to waves crashing; taking in all the beauty of the West Coast.