Friday, April 29, 2011


Distant Dana never puts herself out there unless she is certain she won't be rejected, Dana never got rejected, Dana NEVER put herself out there!

This one is in memory of the Dana in me! And also in memory of all of us that much rather be safe than sorry!

Distant Dana was left behind somewhere on Mass. Ave. on a Friday night!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The glass half empty...........

This is how Collete feels on Sunday's when she wakes up yet again to only realize that the glass is still empty.

After a rash of draining relationships Collete has absolutely nothing left to give, her glass is completely empty, so empty she can't even cry anymore. Sleepless nights and broken hearts come together as one in Collete's mind. She has lost all hope, jaded she has become. Collete is so sick and tired of her love!

I left Collete's tarnished heart in the same spot I found it, hoping she will find herself one day or perhaps someone will find her heart and hand deliver it to her.

This tile in particular, ended up somewhere in Portland, OR.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To the top.............

All Joanne ever wanted was to find a partner to support her, though for her it wasn't going to be easy, she was no arm candy and her greed was palpable, but she always said she didn't want to work, she was tired of working and she wanted a sugar daddy!

Well several procedures later (yeah because she also didn't want to have kids and thank God for that) and after being dumped several times over her selfish ways, Joanne didn't have a choice but to learn. She quickly learned that the only time is worth working is when you are on top. Since she couldn't find a sugar daddy, she simply slept her way to the top. "married or not, here I come" was her logo!

I left Joanne at Starbucks, she loves that place, it makes her feel "important".

Saturday, April 16, 2011

While at lunch with a friend..........

As I took a bite of my salad, trying very hard not to cry and/or choke at the same time, I vented to a friend, yet again, about how my most recent Tegan was robbing me from my sleep. I liked her so much, I had grown so used to her company, and to her in general, that the idea of not being with her ever again, completely made me lose sleep!

In an attempt to alleviate my Oh so obvious pain, she said "Just don't let it get to you.........."

I left this tile somewhere in Broad Ripple Ave. If you found this tile is yours to keep!


Lisa started to question herself after she broke her Tegan's heart. She Wondered if she had made the right choice or if she had made a mistake, but I think in her heart she knew.

She always seemed lost in thought and at times she even looked sad. Plenty of nights she cried herself to sleep, and she always prayed for the wisdom to come to terms with her decision.

Lisa fell so hard and fast over Tegan, yet she was fast to break her heart! I think Lisa was afraid of getting heartbroken herself, that it was just easier for her to break a heart even though she knew that for a while she would be cold at night!

Lisa stayed at Talbott Street on a Friday night, I wonder whatever became of her!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


All that Erin ever wants is to find the Tegan she's never had. I am still very much in love with my Tegan, she will be the one for ever and always....

For now I left her at Varsity Lounge in hopes that Tegan will run into her and scoop her up! Hopefully MY Tegan will heal Erin's perpetual broken heart!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Fran and Carla always spent time together, they seemed to enjoy each others company, yet something seemed to have fell through the cracks.

Fran always wondered if Carla felt about her the same way she felt about Fran and Fran always wondered why Carla liked her so much. I wonder if they ever figured it out?

I left these two at Metro on Mass. Ave! Hopefully one day they will find some common ground!

If you found this tile is yours to keep!