Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Transient

Carrie is a transient, every time she gets heartbroken she packs her bags and runs away, it never fails!

The excitement of a new place almost always makes it easier to forget. Once she finally settles in memories start to creep in becoming heartbroken all over again. Then up she goes again! Carrie packed her bags and moved away!


On December 23rd Carrie traveled to the West Coast, she hitchhiked her way to CA...well she didn't really hitchhiked she flew, but I figured hitchhiking sounded more adventurous.....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tara's heart of gold!

Tara has a heart of gold.....always protected and guarded as she keeps it, her heart is her only downfall. She is willing to do what it takes to protect her love, even if it means that she can lose her own. She always want's see her Tegan smile, and this mostly happens at her expense. Tara is becoming exhausted but a quitter she is not, though the cracks have started to show, broken she will never be.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Louise Wondered..........

Louise always wondered if she would be missed in the minds of those who knew her, after she was gone. She always knew a little something was missing, yet still she pushed for a little something more. Louise never I imagined that on that morning she would be gone. I still wonder where she was going in such a rush. I stood there and waited for help while I watched her body letting go of her soul.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


She managed to close her eyes, yet she couldn't stop seeing her. She was able to not fall sleep, yet she kept dreaming, she quiet down the voices but was still able to hear her, she stopped being but never stopped being there.

She was touched, she was hypnotized, she no longer cared, her will had be taken away, she was put under a spell.

She calmed her mind down, but wasn't able to calm her spirit, she was able to be sincere without having to stop lying, she stayed near by while still running away, she was able to change her life but she couldn't change herself.


I spent Christmas break in CA , and as much I didn't want to admit, the warm weather was a nice change, if 50 can be considered warm of course. I painted this tile in particular over six months ago but for some reason, this time I took my time before letting it go.

I left this Tegan somewhere in La Jolla, breathing in the dry cool air, overlooking a gorgeous sunset while listening to waves crashing; taking in all the beauty of the West Coast.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Erin's Irony!

Erin's treasured Tegan is miles from where she is at, cross country to be exact. She learned of this treasure weeks back, ever since then that is all she can think about. Erin may seem lucky to have found her treasure yet still just like the fine print at the bottom of a contract, Erin's new finding comes at a high price.....the thousands of miles of distance that keeps them apart.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Molly just wants to forget!

Molly just wants to forget! She Just wants to let go! She needs to move on!

In an attempt to achieve ALL of the above, she has turned her feelings off. Having her life be ran by her emotions is no longer an option plus is getting too old. How many more times will she need to get burned? Molly has turned off her feelings and has shut out the world, she has checked out, she has not given up though. Deep down inside there is a tiny ray of something, a something she's still treasuring, the little something that one day she will share with her Tegan!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The All Nighter!!!

Morgan is getting used to losing sleep over her Tegan. Her days and nights roll together, she is perpetually stuck on a 24 hour cycle. Sometimes she wonders if her Tegan even remembers about her existence. Though many times, in the middle of the night, she wants to call...she never does. She always wonders about the what if's. Truth is, Morgan is just afraid of putting herself out there. Perhaps she is concerned with remaining awake for the rest of her life due to every Tegan in her life. Morgan is also a workaholic.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mysterious Misty!

Misty always sits in the corner. People always notice her and wonder what she is all about. People seem intrigued, she is just so pretty but so uninterested in everyone else. People watching is what she likes to do, really! So while she quietly sits at the bar just watching everyone around, deep down inside she just wants for her lovergrrrl to come over and sweep her off her feet. Misty is not a loner, she is just alone, not by choice....well not always anyways!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Brandy always wears her heart on her sleeve! She is in love with being in love and has no reservations about giving it all. She feels alive when she's found the "one" and wants to die when the "one" denies. Sometimes she has high expectations that end up disappointing her, yet still she never gives up the battle. She picks herself up every time she goes down, and proudly displays the scars left behind by the jabs to the heart she's recovered from. She's considered a catch by most, but she doesn't know that....yet!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A letter for my Tegan!

I wrote this letter for my Tegan. I've held on to it for a while now, yet I never had the nerve to deliver it to her. Many of us had put thoughts in paper, thoughts that we would want to share with our lover, but our ego's get the best of us, so we rarely follow our hearts, we are silently crying in the inside. Here is MY letter to my Tegan, whomever finds it can deliver it to her!


I just want to tell you how truly sorry I am for what happened between us. It tears me to shreds and I am losing sleep everyday just knowing that we could have potentially been great together, but I ruined that. I am really sorry for not being able to be myself with you, and not being able to open up to you, what you saw of me was a poor reflection of my broken heart and my lack of trust. My fear of getting hurt again caught up with me this time, only to leave me even more tarnished. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to show you the real me, the me you would have totally adored. I am sorry I denied you the opportunity to get in my head and truly see me for who I am, I am sorry that I did this to the both us. I am sorry I denied myself the opportunity of being with you and I am sorry I robbed you of the chance to change with me and grow with me. I hope to see you again one day. I hope I can offer you more then. I hope that by the time this reaches you it won’t be too late.

Love Always!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Anna couldn't come to terms with the idea of having lost something. She knew she was missing something, yet she wasn't certain what it was. In no time she started losing sleep over her love. Though she tried to block every memory, though she tried to ignore every feeling, all the repressed memories she has bottled in, resurface when when she sleeps. Anna would much rather be awake than asleep and dreaming of sharing great times with the woman she loves. She knows that when she is awake, she can at least control her thoughts, she knows that when she is awake, she doesn't have to worry about waking up the next morning asking herself "Why?".

I left this one at Henry's on North East Street, in Downtown Indy!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Distant Dana never puts herself out there unless she is certain she won't be rejected, Dana never got rejected, Dana NEVER put herself out there!

This one is in memory of the Dana in me! And also in memory of all of us that much rather be safe than sorry!

Distant Dana was left behind somewhere on Mass. Ave. on a Friday night!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The glass half empty...........

This is how Collete feels on Sunday's when she wakes up yet again to only realize that the glass is still empty.

After a rash of draining relationships Collete has absolutely nothing left to give, her glass is completely empty, so empty she can't even cry anymore. Sleepless nights and broken hearts come together as one in Collete's mind. She has lost all hope, jaded she has become. Collete is so sick and tired of her love!

I left Collete's tarnished heart in the same spot I found it, hoping she will find herself one day or perhaps someone will find her heart and hand deliver it to her.

This tile in particular, ended up somewhere in Portland, OR.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To the top.............

All Joanne ever wanted was to find a partner to support her, though for her it wasn't going to be easy, she was no arm candy and her greed was palpable, but she always said she didn't want to work, she was tired of working and she wanted a sugar daddy!

Well several procedures later (yeah because she also didn't want to have kids and thank God for that) and after being dumped several times over her selfish ways, Joanne didn't have a choice but to learn. She quickly learned that the only time is worth working is when you are on top. Since she couldn't find a sugar daddy, she simply slept her way to the top. "married or not, here I come" was her logo!

I left Joanne at Starbucks, she loves that place, it makes her feel "important".

Saturday, April 16, 2011

While at lunch with a friend..........

As I took a bite of my salad, trying very hard not to cry and/or choke at the same time, I vented to a friend, yet again, about how my most recent Tegan was robbing me from my sleep. I liked her so much, I had grown so used to her company, and to her in general, that the idea of not being with her ever again, completely made me lose sleep!

In an attempt to alleviate my Oh so obvious pain, she said "Just don't let it get to you.........."

I left this tile somewhere in Broad Ripple Ave. If you found this tile is yours to keep!


Lisa started to question herself after she broke her Tegan's heart. She Wondered if she had made the right choice or if she had made a mistake, but I think in her heart she knew.

She always seemed lost in thought and at times she even looked sad. Plenty of nights she cried herself to sleep, and she always prayed for the wisdom to come to terms with her decision.

Lisa fell so hard and fast over Tegan, yet she was fast to break her heart! I think Lisa was afraid of getting heartbroken herself, that it was just easier for her to break a heart even though she knew that for a while she would be cold at night!

Lisa stayed at Talbott Street on a Friday night, I wonder whatever became of her!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


All that Erin ever wants is to find the Tegan she's never had. I am still very much in love with my Tegan, she will be the one for ever and always....

For now I left her at Varsity Lounge in hopes that Tegan will run into her and scoop her up! Hopefully MY Tegan will heal Erin's perpetual broken heart!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Fran and Carla always spent time together, they seemed to enjoy each others company, yet something seemed to have fell through the cracks.

Fran always wondered if Carla felt about her the same way she felt about Fran and Fran always wondered why Carla liked her so much. I wonder if they ever figured it out?

I left these two at Metro on Mass. Ave! Hopefully one day they will find some common ground!

If you found this tile is yours to keep!