Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lisa started to question herself after she broke her Tegan's heart. She Wondered if she had made the right choice or if she had made a mistake, but I think in her heart she knew.

She always seemed lost in thought and at times she even looked sad. Plenty of nights she cried herself to sleep, and she always prayed for the wisdom to come to terms with her decision.

Lisa fell so hard and fast over Tegan, yet she was fast to break her heart! I think Lisa was afraid of getting heartbroken herself, that it was just easier for her to break a heart even though she knew that for a while she would be cold at night!

Lisa stayed at Talbott Street on a Friday night, I wonder whatever became of her!

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  1. Wow!!! Amazing!!! I can so see myself there. Its so easy to see ourselves in the now and mistakenly think the future will be better some other way. But the only thing that can truely be measured no matter how bad or good is the NOW!! I live in the now until the later swallows me up.