Saturday, April 16, 2011

While at lunch with a friend..........

As I took a bite of my salad, trying very hard not to cry and/or choke at the same time, I vented to a friend, yet again, about how my most recent Tegan was robbing me from my sleep. I liked her so much, I had grown so used to her company, and to her in general, that the idea of not being with her ever again, completely made me lose sleep!

In an attempt to alleviate my Oh so obvious pain, she said "Just don't let it get to you.........."

I left this tile somewhere in Broad Ripple Ave. If you found this tile is yours to keep!


  1. I found this in indy tonight at midnight on my 20th birthday. :) April 25th. Thank you for letting me know im not the only one who feels this way. :) -Aubrey Lee

  2. Wow, How true!!! Everything so fast paced these days they even expect us to hurry up and heal. Some "Love" wounds will always bleed.